Gourmet Safari Singles (Individual Recipes)

“Spreading the love, one recipe at a time.”

Yes, I know the Gourmet Safari Albums (Complete Menus) are impressive and bold in taste, flavour and effort required (if I don’t say so myself).  No time, no worries – as we all know, practicality has everything to do with all things creative including culinary…and oh relationary in the bedrooms of the nation! If you want to create a more simplified ‘Gourmet L-O-V-E’ meal, (for instance), feel free to chose from any of the ‘A la carte Singles’ (Recipes), create your own menu and bring lady luck to dine at your dinner table.  Trust me…same magic applies AND the menu is your own creation!


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PS: Craving isn’t a ‘Bad Word’!

Hundreds of Hot Singles! (Recipes, that is)

Engagement Pork Tenderloin in Cream Sauce – The perfect marriage.

Wanting to get engaged to your significant other? Make this dish…it’s a sure-fire way to impress, it’s the perfect marriage.

By Jackie DeKnock

Chocolate Pâté (en Francais – Marquise)

This Pate is absolutely the best, the bomb (as my son would say). It comes from the Loire Valley from Monique. I absolutely LOVE it, it is so, so decadent and so, so easy.

By Jackie DeKnock

Gourmet Salmon Shepherd’s Pie

Salmon is a nice and healthy alternative to beef in Shepherd’s Pie. Why not include salmon, a great source of ‘brain food’ for your family when you can! The salmon flavor is very mild and is a perfect fit with the sweet potatoes.

By Jackie DeKnock

Gourmet Baked Macaroni and Cheese

This Mac ‘n Cheese has a personality to it, it’s definitely not from a box. It will comfort you and wake up your taste buds.

By Jackie DeKnock

Crockpot Chili with Chocolate

Show your crock pot some love!
How sweet is this? Chili and chocolate, two of my favourites! It’s a delicious combination of savoury and a little sweet. This recipe makes a big ‘batch’ of my favourite comfort food! You choose the ingredients that you like and omit the rest.

By Jackie DeKnock


Ratatouille is a tasty vegetable stew from Provence, served either hot or cold, as a main course, or to garnish grilled meat or fish dishes. It involves a lot of chopping…endless chopping, but end result is a delicious ‘n nutritious dish that I LOVE!

By Jackie DeKnock

Spicy Black Bean Hummus Dip

“A spicy ‘taste of Mexico’ to add to your healthy appetizer repertoire! I use this as a dip with tortilla chips and in quesadillas with grated cheese as a delicious filling. This one really is ‘quick ‘n delicious’, prep time: 8 minutes."

By Jackie DeKnock

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