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IMG_5535 Steak with butter sauce
Something Romantic

“Gold Medal Valentines Day” Menu

currently featuring “Priceless” Grilled Sirloin Steak with Bernaise Butter & Sautéed Mushrooms!

Now, Make A Dinner Date!

Dreamers Wanted! Rated M for mature.

Chocolate Pate_1920
Something Sweet

“To Paris With Love” Menu

currently featuring ‘Be Love’ Chocolate Pate!

Now, Make A Dinner Date!

Dreamers Wanted! Rated M for mature.

IMG_3201 Salmon rub Web 1024x768px.jpg
Something Healthy

“New Year’s Detox” Menu

currently featuring Coriander Crusted Salmon!

Now, Make A Dinner Date!

Dreamers Wanted! Rated M for mature.

Creamy Polenta with Mushroom Ragout
Something Warm

“Chill-in-the-Air Classic Comfort Foods” Menu

currently featuring Creamy Polenta with Mushroom Ragout!

Now, Make A Dinner Date!

Dreamers Wanted! Rated M for mature.

Bacon Stuffed Potato Skins
Something Sporty

“Super Bowl 50” Menu

currently featuring Quarterback Fully Loaded Bacon Stuffed Potato Skins with Sour Cream ‘n Chive Dip!

Now, Make A Dinner Date!

Dreamers Wanted! Rated M for mature.

Spanish Patatas Bravas Crisp Spiced Potatoes
Something Starry

“88th Oscars Best Picture Hors D’oeuvres” Menu

currently featuring ‘Inside Out’ Spanish Patatas Bravas Crisp Spiced Potatoes!

Now, Make A Dinner Date!

Dreamers Wanted! Rated M for mature.


Choose a Foodie Playlist ‘Menu Selection’ that suits your mood!

GOURMET LOVE is the Mother of All Albums. In fact, it’s an entire record collection. Over 80 full menus in ten different categories, from “Looking For Love” to “XXX Rated Seduction”, you’ll find one that suits wherever you are in your love life. This is the largest collection on Gourmet Safari and rightfully so, because in food, as in life, all you need is love!

There are few greater pleasures than eating and being ‘transported’ elsewhere in the world. Our recipes will whisk you away to beautiful counties around the globe as you ‘travel’ to exotic locales through food. With each bite you will be transported virtually ‘anywhere’ in the world simply by savouring, reflecting and paying close attention to what is on your plate. You (and your taste buds) will return ‘back home’ with fresh insight and zest (and of course delicious new recipes).

I’m ‘in! You? When do we leave?

We’ll serve up year-round menus for celebration (from Christmas to Valentines Day to Easter), quick family-style recipes, healthy and nutritious recipes, quiet zen-like recipes, cottage-escape meals and dining alone recipes, so you’re never really alone! We’ve thought of everything to serve up in our busy world to take the time and the worry out of what to lovingly prepare in your life!

I love nostalgic dishes that bring back delicious, warm memories (yes I’m very nostalgic and a little bit of a hopeless romantic).  This is where I’ll share them with you – one bite at a time.  The dishes will soon enough become your go-to nostalgic dishes of comfort…you’ll see (yes, they are ‘that’ yummy)!

We’ll serve up menus and recipes especially designed for you!  From sporting events, to poker nights with the guys, to impress the new love of your life, to ‘gone fishing’, to beer-worthy appetizers, to rib ‘cook-off’ recipes, to bad day at the office.  The list of scenarios, endless…as will be the recipes that we’ll share with you.  Step right up and enjoy the grub!

We had a great time from the beginning of the vacation to the end. Patrick was a great host as well as chef and guide. The town of Goult was a highlight of our trip from the quaint shops to the ancient houses and ruins. It was a great place to explore the villages of Provence. With Patrick as our guide, we sampled wines, breads, cheeses and more wine of the region. Again, I cannot say enough about Patrick – he knows the area very well and pointed out many things that we would have missed had we not had a guide. As for the cooking school, I was pleased that it was a good mix of the gourmet and simple foods of the region. Some cooking schools focus just on gourmet foods and it is not practical as most of the ingredients are hard to find back in the states. With Patrick’s recipes, we have been able to duplicate almost all of them back here. I would highly recommend this vacation to anyone from a seasoned cook to an amateur. Thank you again for making this vacation possible and we look forward to going on more safaris in the future with you as our guide.

Richard M. & Melissa M. Texas, US Passport to Provence Culinary Tour January 8, 2016

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Thanks Gourmet Safari for my culinary trip around the world. Thoroughly, enjoyed the flavours and good company. The recipes were easy to follow and the end result was always a sensational meal. Can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed the classes. You brought the spark back into my recipe repertoire.

Andrea S. Cavan January 8, 2016

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I participated in culinary themed classes that inspired and tantalized my inner foodie! The dishes and menus were delicious! My experiences were memorable and the recipes are treasured and used often in my daily life. Jackie ‘s love of cooking and teaching shone through in each and every dish. Her commitment to her craft and students is remarkable, always prepared, dedicated and passionate. A true testament to the love of food and people.

Karen F. Peterborough January 8, 2016

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