Welcome Food Lovers!


Welcome back to YOUR kitchen, pull up a stool, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) – and get comfortable. Here’s the rundown of how to spread the love, one recipe at a time!

Gourmet Coach

Think of me as your own Gourmet Coach in your kitchen – working beside you & encouraging you every step of the way!

Mood Food

Life – as we know – is a series of peaks and valleys. Our recipes are matched to suit what’s happening in your life, your mood – food to fit your mood. MOOD FOOD, food for the soul. Recipes are designed to put some spice into your life – from weekday convenience to weekend gourmet. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty!

Your Pick

You decide what you are in the mood for. Is it Gourmet Love that you crave? If so, our Gourmet Love Playlist with its 100 Shades of Red (100 deliciously sexy recipes) is a lighthearted look at Love & Romance that’s intriguing, elusive and what you’re looking for, but didn’t know it! You’ll find a Menu that suits you – from ‘Looking for Love’ to ‘Heartbreak Detox’ – wherever you are in your love life. Or if you’re craving a taste of adventure, Gourmet Adventure serves up Menus to take your taste buds on a culinary journey they won’t soon forget? What are you in the mood for? Find it on the site and satisfy your craving…

Foodie Playlist.

Welcome to your kitchen of the future – our web site has a sense of humour – giving you an endless supply of fun right in your kitchen! Let me elaborate on our Foodie Playlist that will give you whatever you’re looking for to serve up in your life. Soulful food that ‘fits’ your mood and stirs your soul. The recipe site – a cross between an interactive cookbook and a virtual culinary studio – is a foodie playlist of inspiring recipes – all tried and tested.

At the click of a button – you’ll get:

  • An ‘art gallery’ of curated, edible LOVE (dishes)
  • Complete 4 or 5 course menus (Albums) or individual recipes (Singles)…you’re the DJ.
  • Food photography (some call it food porn, but we wouldn’t)
  • Music Playlists (mash-ups to dance, dine or cook to)
  • Live-action demo videos of main course dishes of love
  • Step-by-step clickable ingredients with an easy to use method with cooking timers
  • Shopping lists
  • Our Blogs serve up our compelling foodie (and sometimes love) backstories that will leave you hungry for more…story-telling and sometimes advice of the heart.

Knowing what food has done for me and how it has helped me throughout my life – I decided that I wanted to find my way to SHARE my lovingly curated recipes & menus, my art, with you in a special way that you could really ‘sink your teeth into!’ All major landmark events in my life have in some way been punctuated by food, I’ll share my story here with you…join me on this journey, a cook book love story if you will…spreading the love, one recipe at a time and being by your side as your Gourmet Coach in the kitchen!

I hope that you will laugh a little, cry a little, live a little & mostly LOVE a little better. These recipes will help to put a little love in your heart and start cooking for those you love in your life.

Cooking Is the new ‘Cool’ – the new ‘Black.’ Come on back.

Meet you in the kitchen, turn up the volume and start cooking…we’ve been expecting you!! Show your kitchen some love!

Set the mood.

Set the tone.

Set the table.

Join my adventures in cooking…oh, and please try not to lick the screen!

Find love, be love, after all, love is all you need!


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PS Love your food, what comes from the heart touches the heart! Craving isn’t a ‘Bad Word,’ food IS sexy!