Fountain of Youth Taste of Immortality Salad Bar.

By Jackie DeKnock  ,   

June 14, 2020

The ultimate anti-aging salad bar recipe! If you eat this bowl of immortality salad every day, or even several times a week, you may not live forever, but you’ll dramatically increase your chances of living in better health for a longer time. And you’re going to look amazing, while you’re at it.

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • 20 mins

    20 mins


Pick your favourite salad ingredients to design-your-own salad bowl of immortality - just like a salad bar!



Kale, finely chopped

Spring Lettuce (or your favourite)

Yellow, Red, Orange Pepper, sliced


Avocado, cubed

Tomatoes, cubed

Carrots, shredded

Cucumbers, cubed

Artichoke hearts

Walnuts and/or Almonds

Sunflower Seeds and/or Pumpkin Seeds

Figs, cubed


Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, and/or Blackberries


Fresh Parsley, coarsely chopped

Hemp seed or chia seed


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice from 1 lemon

Raw, unpasteurized honey, to taste

Pinch cayenne pepper

Himalayan sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, to taste

A splash of love


Chose the salad ingredients that you love, in the quantities that you prefer. Slice, dice, shave and cube the ingredients. If you don’t like any them, it’s okay to leave some out. Add other anti-aging foods that you love too - feel free! Put your favourite anti-aging ingredients into a big bowl.

Blend vinaigrette ingredients together, pour over salad and gently mix well. Allow the flavours to meld together and enjoy your fresh salad, best served chilled. Feel younger… Stay Young!