Tasteful Testimonials

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Gourmet Safari, 1.0: Culinary Tours

Dream Business

“Dear Jackie, We are in the Philippines and I must say I am very impressed with your speedy responses and quality of response…I am extremely satisfied with your service…I will keep in touch. My very best regards, Ava”

“Dear Jackie, I arrived today, tired and jet lagged but completely relaxed. Laura and Giorgio were excellent hosts, they made me feel so at home. as for Florence /Sienna / Luca / Pisa / Assissi / Rome I have seen quite a bit of Italy, it was wonderful…both Laura and Giorgio had only good things to say about you. it was a pleasure planning all of this with you, it turned out very well. Thank you again, and all the best!”

Ava E., Manila, Philippines, October 2005
Casa Italiano Culinary Tour

“We thoroughly enjoyed our cooking class with Paula. She was very friendly and knowledgeable and made us feel right at home. Even the 6-year old in our group got in on the action. The traditional Tuscan food we prepared was delicious and I can’t wait to try the recipes at home.”

Ann T., Toronto, Ontario, May 2005
Chianti Classico Culinary Tour

“This summer I took my grandaughter Sarah, age 10 to the “Chianti Classico” cooking school in Tuscany Italy. It was a fantastic experience for her. The villa was beautiful – the view was unbelievable – and Simonetta and Paola were very accommodating.”

Janet R., Texas, US, July 2006
Chianti Classico Culinary Tour

“Monique could not have been more charming – she really went out of her way, she was so helpful. What a beautiful, beautiful setting. I would highly recommend this vacation to anybody. She couldn’t have been more accommodating – she took me to Tours and to the surrounding areas – and she insisted on waiting for me. I’d love to go back there when the sun is shining. And I always knew what was happening when planning this trip with you, it’s very important.”

Julie R., Thunder Bay, Canada, February 2006
Art de Vivre in the Loire Culinary Tour

“We had a great time from the beginning of the vacation to the end. Patrick was a great host as well as chef and guide. The town of Goult was a highlight of our trip from the quaint shops to the ancient houses and ruins. It was a great place to explore the villages of Provence. With Patrick as our guide, we sampled wines, breads, cheeses and more wine of the region. Again, I cannot say enough about Patrick – he knows the area very well and pointed out many things that we would have missed had we not had a guide. As for the cooking school, I was pleased that it was a good mix of the gourmet and simple foods of the region. Some cooking schools focus just on gourmet foods and it is not practical as most of the ingredients are hard to find back in the states. With Patrick’s recipes, we have been able to duplicate almost all of them back here. I would highly recommend this vacation to anyone from a seasoned cook to an amateur. Thank you again for making this vacation possible and we look forward to going on more safaris in the future with you as our guide.”

Richard M. & Melissa M., Texas, US August 2006
Passport to Provence Culinary Tour

“Hi Jackie! We had a fantastic time in France. Provence was definitely the highlight, and meeting Patrick was a real treat. Chantel and Regis at La Garance are two of the best people we have ever met. They, along with Patrick and Babette went out of their way to make us feel at home and we couldn’t have had a better experience.”

Mike W., Toronto, Ontario, May 2005
Passport to Provence Culinary Tour

Gourmet Safari, 2.0: Dream Come True Cooking Classes

Dream Kitchen

“I participated in culinary themed classes that inspired and tantalized my inner foodie! The dishes and menus were delicious! My experiences were memorable and the recipes are treasured and used often in my daily life. Jackie ‘s love of cooking and teaching shone through in each and every dish. Her commitment to her craft and students is remarkable, always prepared, dedicated and passionate. A true testament to the love of food and people.”

Karen F., Peterborough

“Thanks Gourmet Safari for my culinary trip around the world. Thoroughly, enjoyed the flavours and good company. The recipes were easy to follow and the end result was always a sensational meal. Can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed the classes. You brought the spark back into my recipe repertoire.”

Andrea S., Cavan

“I had an amazing experience at my Gourmet Safari cooking class with Jackie. As a meat-and-potatoes guy, Jackie inspired me to try new recipes and at the same time taught me valuable basics of cooking. But the greatest take-away from my Gourmet Safari experience was an increased confidence in the kitchen. Thanks Jackie!”

Mike M., Peterborough

“I have taken four different cooking sessions with Jackie. As a retired teacher, I was amazed at Jackie’s instruction methods. She makes the complicated procedures of high-end cooking appear easy, even for a complete beginner! Jackie’s passion for cooking is contagious. She shares her heart and her passion, as well as her recipes! It is impossible to take one of her classes without becoming “involved”. You will never look at food again the same way! By the end of just one of her courses, you are cooking from the heart, as well as using your mind. It is an experience!”

Colin C., Lindsay